AAT (Clone Wars)
Armored Assault Tank
Production information

Armored Assault Tank



Technical specifications

9.75 meters

Maximum speed

55 km/h

  • Heavy laser cannon (1)
  • Antipersonnel twin blasters (2)
  • Chain-fed projectile launchers (6)
    • Shells (57)

Reloadable missiles


6 Battle Droids (on external handholds)


New Confederacy military


Attack Tank


New Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Armored Assault Tank or commonly known as the AAT or the AAT Battle Tank is a Tank used for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars era. The AATs make a comeback for the New Confederacy of Independent Systems during The Last of the Droids era, helping Trench take over the galaxy and destroying the Galactic Empire.


AAT Cross-section

The Armored Assault Tank's cross-section.

The Armored Assault Tank has many weapons which makes it powerful during battles. It has 57 shells that can reload in seconds. The AAT also has a heavy laser cannon which is its primary weapon. It can destroy a building in 2 shots with it's heavy laser cannon. The Armored Assault Tank also has Antipersonnel twin blasters on each side of the tank so it can fire while the primary weapon is still firing. Inside the AAT, the crew is only 4 Battle Droids. It has 2 AAT Driver Battle Droids inside manning the twin turrets, the OOM Commander Battle Droid commands and fired the primary weapon, and the OOM Pilot Droid drives the tank. Also, the Armored Assault Tank can carry 6 Battle Droids on the external handholds.


2nd Battle of Ringo VindaEdit

Armored Assault Tanks were on Droid Fighter Clips and loaded by a T-series tactical droid onto a C-9979 Landing Craft and transported to Trench's Providence-class carrier/destroyer.


Trench mentioned AATs to the Fresian King as well as the AAT Driver Battle Droids drive the powerful tanks. The Armored Assault Tanks provided by that C-9979 Landing Craft landed on Fresia and went into the streets protecting them.


During the Attack on the Conqueror, TK-33 and Trench went down to the Recusant-class Command Ship's hangar and got 30 AATs to go down the heavy lift platforms to go inside the C-9979 Craft. They came out inside a large hangar and fought alongside Dwarf Spider Droids, Corporate Alliance Tank Droids, and Platoon Attack Crafts. Trench commanded and AAT which had his crest on it.


When the New Confederacy of Independent Systems had to go to Lothal to free it from Imperial Subjugation, AATs were used including Trench's AAT Battle Tank.

3rd Battle of Ringo VindaEdit

During the 3rd Battle of Ringo Vinda, Trench and TK-33 commanded their AAT while the Ringo Vinda Droid Factory T-series tactical droid commanded the battle in his own AAT.


OOM-85's Company

OOM-85's Company fights off the villainous Galactic Republic.

When the New Confederacy of Independent Systems took over Rugosa and the Galactic Empire wanted it back, Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies OOM-85 commanded his new Company of Battle Droids. He rode in one of the AATs.

Vrogas Vas Edit

Later, alot of AATs participated in the battle against Darth Vader on Vrogas Vas.

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