Commando Droid
BX-series droid commando
Production information

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Product line

B-series battle droids


BX-series droid commando


Upgraded B1 battle droid

Technical specifications

1.91 meters


Masculine programing

Sensor color


Plating color

Brown and Dark orange

Chronological and political information
The BX-series droid commando or commonly known as the Commando Droid is a deadly Battle droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars era. These deadly droids make a comeback for the New Confederacy of Independent Systems during The Last of the Droids era helping Trench fight the evil Galactic Empire.


Commando Droids are deadly to Clone trooper/Stormtroopers. They usually rush into the battle by killing many troopers by using their E-5 Blaster rifles. Commando Droids sometimes push the B1 battle droids out of the way if they have to get closer to their foes.

BX-series droid commando

A BX-series droid commando running into battle with an E-5 Blaster rifle.

BX-series droid commandos can also carry Droid personal shields around with them to deflect trooper shots but on very rare cases such as the 2nd Battle of Muunilinst. The Commando Droid can also carry vibroswords with them so they cut troopers heads off. Thermal Detonators the Commandos always carry for breaking into bases, destroying troopers, and destroying bases. Commando Droids can also change their voice so they can fool Stormtroopers. They stand 1.91 meters tall as a B1 Battle Droid.


The Clone WarsEdit

The Last of the DroidsEdit

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