This page is about the battle droid classes. You may be looking for the B1 Battle Droid often known as the battle droid.

Battle droids are any kind of droids programmed for war. Battle Droids were created by the many factions that made up the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and were seen throughout the Clone Wars. A year after that ended, many of them make a comeback for the New Confederacy of Independent Systems fighting the Galactic Empire. They are nicknamed "clankers" by the Clone troopers and Stormtroopers since when they march they make a clanking sound as they walk.


The Battle Droids are loyal, heroic, and sometimes war-happy. It usually depends on certain droids but for the most part they serve their heroic leader, Grievous as they tend to get on the hero's nerves with their idiotic personalities which makes the heroic General destroy them in furious rage. Though, other times the battle droids can be cruel and disloyal to Grievous and not caring about others feelings.


Firefighter Battle Droid

B-series battle droidsEdit

These droids are part of the B-series battle droids and fight the war.

B1 line up

B1 Battle Droids.

OOM-series battle droidsEdit

These droids are the predecessors to B1 Battle Droids that have different ranks to command armies, secure bases/ships, drive vehicles, or command tanks.

Super Battle Droids

The B2 lineup from left to right:B2 Super Battle Droid, another B2 Super Battle Droid, and a B2-HA Super Battle Droid

Other Droid ClassesEdit

Bodyguard droidsEdit

History Edit

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