• Nightmare No.4

    Hi everyone. My name is Nightmare No.4, and I would like to share my new project, The Droid Wiki. I'm making this so you can get all the information you want about droids, my favorite thing in Star Wars! I love to see all the types of these wonderful and different droids and want to give everyone a chance to enjoy them too.

    I started getting interested in droids some years ago, just from looking at those that appeared in the books I read. Since then I have gone to library’s and Wookiepedia pages and seen many other types of droids. I was lucky enough to find my favorite droid (Mister Bones) last year reading the Aftermath Trilogy, and that's the amazing droid ever. I also took the other Star Wars books from my library and started reading th…

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  • Grievous Hero will Get Justice

    Hey guys, it's the site owner. Due to bad reasons on Wikia, I have been banned and I still own my wikis, but can't edit on them but don't worry, Grievous Hero TCW will get justice! Anyway, I'm letting you all know that I will be moving this wiki to a Website so nobody can edit this. More info to come later. Thanks. The hero is out! :D

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