HMP Droid Gunship
Droid Gunship
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HMP Droid Gunship


HMP (Heavy Missile Platform) Droid Gunship



  • New: AurebeshSans-Serif credit60,000
  • Used: AurebeshSans-Serif credit30,000

12.3 meters


11 meters


3.1 meters

Maximum acceleration:

100 G

Hyperdrive System:



Ray shields

  • Turreted twin medium laser cannons (2)
  • Medium laser cannon (1)
  • Light laser cannons (2)
  • Variable-payload missile launchers (2, with 7 missiles each)

Reloadable missiles and bombs


Integrated droid brain


At least 5-8 Battle Droids on top

Cargo capacity:

Droid Deployment racks[1]

  • Aerial assault craft
  • Gunship
  • Dropship[1]
  • Landing Craft
  • Boarding craft[1]

New Confederacy of Independent Systems

The HMP Droid Gunship or the Separatist Gunship or commonly known as the Droid Gunship is a gunship used be the Confederacy during the Late Clone Wars. Droid Gunships make a comeback for the New Confederacy of Independent Systems during The Last of the Droids era, helping Admiral Trench win the war between the Galactic Empire.




The HMP's cross-section.

The Droid Gunships has several weapons since it is a gunship. The HMP carries 2 Turreted twin medium lase cannons, 1 Medium laser cannon, 2 Light laser cannons (1 on each wing), 2 Variable-payload missile launchers that carry 7 Concussion missiles, Torpedoes, or EMP missiles. The Droid Gunship can also carry Concussion Bombs to bomb enemies such as Stormtroopers. And like all vehicles in Star Wars, the HMP Droid Gunship can reload missiles and bombs.

Carrying DroidsEdit

The Droid Gunship can carry 4-6 Battle Droids on top of him. The HMP Droid Gunship can also carry droids under him in Droid Deployment racks. It can only fit 12 droids such as Commando Droids, B1 Battle Droids, and B2 Super Battle Droids.



Droid Gunships first appeared in the Invasion of Fresia, dropping off B1 Battle Droids and B2 Super Battle Droids in order to aid Trench in placing the planet under New Seperatist control. They didn't fight at all during this battle.

Inside StarblazerEdit

Several Droid Gunships were part of OOM-85's Army that infiltrated the Imperial-II class Star DestroyerStarblazer IIAfter OOM-85 tricked the Curtis, the Droid Gunships aided what remained of the army in escaping the wrath of the Imperial Officer.

Return to FresiaEdit

The Droid Gunships that remained on Fresia saw action during the Small battle over Fresia, where they and the Vulture Droids chased away the TIE Fighters and the Sentinel-class landing crafts.

Taking LothalEdit

The Droid Gunships helped to take over Lothal, and several of the fighters dropped off B2 Super Battle Droids and B2-HAs. One HMP Gunship carried several B2 Super Battle Droids to the capital, where Admiral Strang and Commander Cutter were. This Droid Gunship planted concussion bombs around the capital and collected the B2-HA Commander and the other B2s to leave before the capital exploded.

3rd Battle Ringo VindaEdit

Droid Gunships were used during the 3rd Battle of Ringo Vinda aided the gunship battle against the evil LAAT/i Gunships.


3 HMP Gunships were used during the Mission to Naboo to svae OOM-85 from the deadly Venator-class Star Destroyer Vigilance. They carried BX-series droid commandos on the Droid Deployment racks and dropped them off inside the hangar. They fought and then later picked the droid commandos up after they rescued the OOM Commander Battle Droid.


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