Production information

Colicoid Creation Nest


Battle Droid



Technical specifications

1.83 meters

Sensor color



Twin built-in blaster cannons (2)


Built-in shield projector

Chronological and political information

The Droideka or the Destroyer Droid is a Battle Droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars era. They later on made a comeback for the New Confederacy of Independent Systems serving their Harch, Trench to fight in The Last of the Droids era.


The Droidekas were created by the carnivorous Colicoids, and was based on their species' ability to roll into balls to protect themselves and uncurl to catch their prey unawares. The droids were originally very expensive, but thanks to a deal made between the Trade Federation and the Colicoids, the Separatists were able to have these droids at special rates, and shipped them by the hundreds. They were originally controlled by central computers, but after the disastrous Battle of Naboo, they were made into independent thinkers.

Droideka rolling

A Droideka curled up.

The Droideka is more useful than the large B1 Battle Droid army the Separatist used. Like the species that built them, they would roll up towards its target and uncurl, turning into a tripodal weapons platform with two twin blaster cannons. They also had deflector shields that can absorb and/or deflect just about anything, including that of a light artillery bolt. They had one weakness, which was the top of their deflector shields. Droidekas are known to strike fear in even the Sith, as their shields can deflect lightsaber strikes, and more than one Sith and clones have died fighting them.


Ringo VindaEdit

The Droidekas were first seen at Ringo Vinda Space Station, during the 2nd Battle of Ringo Vinda. When Stormtroopers attacked Hangar 23 and started to destroy the B1 Battle Droids and B2 Super Battle Droids there, six Droidekas, along with the Assault B1 Battle Droids, were sent out as reinforcements and attacked the Stormtroopers. They succeeded in killing all of them, and guarded the hangar until OOM Commander Battle Droid OOM-85 and his platoon returned from their attack on Starblazer.


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