An Interdictor-class Star Destroyer creating an interdiction field as it comes out of hyperspace.

"Are all of the turbolasers and the interdiction field ready?!"
Commander Appo asks his Imperial Crews if the XX-9 turbolasers and the interdiction field are ready.

An interdiction field is an artificial gravity well that disables hyperspace capability in most starships. It is used to prevent ships from entering hyperspace as well as draw ships out of hyperspace and into realspace.


"They hit us with an interdiction field."
B1 Battle Droid Sergeant OM-9 to the battle droids and Fluttershy inside the Vitalization's Bridge.

The Interdictor-class Star Destroyer Eradicator used an interdiction field on the New Confederate C-9979 Landing Craft Vitalization and prevented them from going into hyperspace for awhile.


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