Separatist Droid Army
Conqueror droid army attacks
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Separatist Droid Army

  • Count Dooku
  • Nute Gunray
  • Wat Tambor
  • Poggle the Lesser
  • San Hill
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Historical information
Formed From:

24 BBY


19 BBY


19 BBY, as Separatist holdouts and later New Confederacy of Independent Systems and New Separatist Droid Army



The Separatist Droid Army or the Confederate Droid Army was the largest droid army in galactic history that was created and used by the armed force's of the Confederacy of Independent Systems in an effort to secure peace throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars. It comprised Battle Droids from the Trade Federation's army, Techno Union's army and other corporations that allied themselves with Dooku's Rebellion movement. By the ending of the Clone Wars it is said to be quintillions of Battle Droids.

Command StructureEdit

  • Squad (10 battle droids) Squad required no officer, and were remotelty or programmed before a engagement.
  • Company (100 battle droids or 20 super battle droids) Consists of the droids inside of an MTT.
  • Platoon (112 battle droids) consists of a platoon carrier, commanded by battle droid captain
  • Battalion (784 battle droids, plus support droids) consists seven troop carrier companies and a squadron of twenty-four AATs, commanded by a battle droid officer
  • Vanguard (3,185 battle droids, 132 super battle droids, 20 commando d) designed to break through heavy defenses, consisted of 11 MTTs, 28 platoon carriers, 114 AATs, and one command pod. Headed by a commander droid.
  • Regiment (4,368 battle droids, plus support droids) consists of four battalions and a single vanguard, commanded by a battle droid officer. Total force carried on one C-9979 Landing Craft
  • Division (21,840 battle droids, plus support droids) consists of five regiments, carried into battle in a section of five C-9979
  • Corps (109,200 battle droids, plus support droids) consists of five divisions, carried into battle in a squadron of twenty-five C-9979 landing craft
  • Army (218,400 battle droids, plus support droids) consists of two corps and represents the total force carried aboard a Lucrehulk-class battleship, commanded by the battleship's captain.


Battle DroidsEdit

Droid Tanks and Droid VehiclesEdit

Droid Tanks

A pair of Armored Assault Tanks.



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