Super's Battle
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32 BBY (later rebuilt by Grievous)

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Kaleesh OOM command battle droid




1.91 meters

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STAP Battle

Super's Battle (Super's B) also known as Commander Super's Battle is a Kaleesh OOM command battle droid from the planet Kalee placed as the 4th-In-Command of the Separatist-Chain of-Command. He is formerly a SUPER MODIFIED B1 battle droid of good built during the evil Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo. He was found and rebuilt by General Grievous and served him with his brother, STAP Battle.


Super's Battle is a nice, good, and loyal Kaleesh OOM command battle droid. However, Super's Battle can go of control disobeying General Grievous's orders of good and Nute Gunray's orders of evil. Super's Battle dislikes Grievous's mercy and compassion tactics because he finds them weak. He was a SUPER MODIFIED B1 battle droid and now is a OOM command battle droid that protects Grievous from harm. He fought several Jedi that hurt Grievous. Following his master's hero ways, Super's Battle delighted in taking fallen Jedi lightsabers as trophies and has many more than Grievous, stating Super's Battle's a more feared Jedi hunter. Super's Battle is heroic and funny but he has EXTREME anger issues but not as bad as Sparky and IG_122. Super's Battle doesn't like the Republic but he's still mean his little brother STAP Battle. Super's Battle is also very blunt and uncaring about members who betray Grievous and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Super's Battle will hunt you down and kill you if you betray the Confederacy. He and IG_122 get along well. He is also a bit of a ladies man with his brother and will try to force Grievous to choose girls like Akeno Himejima or Rias Gremory.


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