Vulture Droid
Vulture Droid
Star Ship Info

Vulture Droid


Droid Starfighter


Variable Geometry Self Propelled Battle Droid Mark 1


30 credits


3.5 meters


3.5 meters

Maximum acceleration:

3,900 G

Hyperdrive System:



Reloadable missiles


Integrated droid brain


Starfighter mode

  • Fighter
  • Interceptor
  • Escort
  • Patrol

In walker-stance:


The Variable Geometry Self Propelled Battle Droid Mark 1, often shortened as the Vulture-class droid starfighter or the Vulture-class fighter, simply the Vulture Droid or the Droid Starighter or Interceptor is a Droid Starfighter used by the Trade Federation during the Pre-Clone Wars era. Vulture Droids were later sold to Confederacy of Independent Systems and used for the Clone Wars. Vulture-class fighters make a comeback for the New Confederacy of Independent Systems during The Last of the Droids era, helping Head of State Trench fight the Galactic Empire.


The Vulture Droid has a walker mode for other uses. In this mode, the Vulture Droid can fire from its chin cannons at any enemy similar to its brother. Vulture Droids can also stand on top of capital warships like the Providence-class carrier/destroyer and the Munificent-class star frigate.

Vulture Droid walker

The Vulture-class fighter in walker mode.

Vulture Droids can escort other ships and also if they needed help, they will let the bigger friend help destroy the Imperial fighter. Vulture Droids are usually deployed in large numbers to overwhelm the enemy. Vulture-class fighters are deployed in groups of 3-20 during battles. Vulture Droids usually attack in Droid Fighter Formation during air battles.


The Clone WarsEdit

The Grievous LegionEdit


The Last of the DroidsEdit

Aiding the New CISEdit

Vulture Droid heroes were used during the 2nd Battle of Ringo Vinda against the evil TIE/HU Hunter multi-role starfighters. A Vulture Droid squadron was present during the battle and destroyed the evil Sentinel-class landing crafts that landed troopers inside the Hangar 23. The droids continued to see use in many battles, including the 3rd Battle of Ringo Vinda, Battle of Lothal. 2nd Battle of Muunilinst, and Attack on Ringo Vinda.

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