XX-9 heavy turbolaser

An XX-9 heavy turbolaser.

The XX-9 heavy turbolaser also known as the XX-9 heavy turbolaser battery, shortened to XX-9 is a shipboard emplacement weapon produced by Taim & Bak. The XX-9 heavy turbolaser is the successor of the XX-8 turbolaser and the predecessor of the XX-10 turbolaser tower.


The Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolaser is protected by quadanium steel plating and made a deadly weapon against capital ships, at the cost of many credits. It features dual turret-mounted barrels and is mounted on a square base. XX-9 targeting computers are supplied with a safety feature that has the turrets automatically lock up if its turrets go below the horizon. This is a precaution to ensure it doesn't accidentally fire on the ground when targeting enemies. This gives the Droid snubfighters an advantage by flying low.


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