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Yoda, also known as Jedi General Yoda, Grand Jedi Master Yoda is the leader of the villainous Jedi during varous wars. Yoda was also known to have trained the two Jedi Moon Ni Rin and Kae Tae Tae.


Yoda is cruel, malicious and just downright evil during the Clone Wars. He cares about his Jedi Order and is sometimes compassionate to his fellow Jedi and Clone trooper villains. He cares for them and doesn't want his villainous soldiers to be hurt. Despite these traits, Yoda is quick to turn on his fellow Jedi proven during the Ahsoka Tano trial where he didn't trust her and expelled her. Yoda will not care about innocent lives due to Republic and Jedi duties much like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yoda uses his powers to help the corrupt Galactic Republic instead of helping the underrepresented Outer Rim Worlds. Yoda and the rest of the Jedi have committed genocides on innocents in several worlds including Kalee. Like most Jedi, Yoda also agrees in their evil ways of abducting children and forcing them to be Jedi so they can fight in the Clone Wars. However, Yoda still believes in the Jedi ways saying "revenge isn't the Jedi way" but will still try to go after Grievous, for killing 14 evil Jedi. Yoda isn't a good person yet he thinks he and the rest of the Jedi are "good" and the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Grievous are "bad". Yoda is also a trickster and a liar as he lied to Anakin Skywalker many times and lied to his enemies on the battlefield.

Despite all of the evil traits, after the Clone Wars, Yoda finally realized that the Jedi and himself were wrong and evil and tried to amend for his evil acts.



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